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The Ince Group plc (formerly Gordon Dadds Group plc) has adopted a business model which is focused on consolidation and expansion into complementary businesses to its core legal services business.

As well as providing legal services, The Ince Group provides accounting, financial services, consulting and pensions advice to clients.

Our broad reach enables us to add real value and create opportunities for our clients by making connections between them and our extensive network of contacts and experts.

Acquired firms are either consolidated under the Ince brand or continue to operate under their own brands.




The Ince Group model offers a number of advantages to target firms:


The Ince Group has been operating in this way since 2013, successfully integrating firms into its cost efficient platform.


Please visit and see further details of all Group brands below.

The Ince Group Companies and Brands 


Alen-Buckley Solicitors is an established and modern law practice with offices in Wandsworth. The firm specialises in property and probate work and is led by Oonagh Alen-Buckley who originally founded the firm in 1983.


eLegal Technology Solutions was formed in 2015 primarily to develop technology solutions for the legal and professional services market, based around compliance and Susskind driven automation principles and is led by Philip Learmont.


Ince is a fast-growing international legal and professional services firm dedicated to empowering our clients to seize new opportunities for growth. Ince taps into 150 years of experience, insight and relationships, strengthened by our entrepreneurial culture and ‘one firm’ approach.

The firm is driven by a unique team of passionate people whose broad legal expertise and deep sector specialisms make them the partner of choice for all of their clients’ complex legal and strategic needs.


Ince Corporate Finance is an advisory firm that provides bespoke advice and structured finance solutions.


Hanover Pensions and The Hanover Trustee Company are firms of consulting actuaries, employee benefit advisers and pension scheme administrators and is led by Robert Young.


Hanover Financial Management provides investment advice and ongoing investment management which is tailored to clients’ long term financial goals and is led by Richard Brazier.



Michael Kelly & Co, part of Ince Gordon Dadds LLP, is a well-known conveyancing firm based in Hanham, Bristol and is led by Sue Morris.



Incorporation Details

The Company was incorporated and registered in England and Wales on 31 March 1999 under the Companies Act 1985 with registration number 3744673.

The principal legislation under which the Company currently operates, and under which its securities were created, is the Companies Act 2006 and the regulations made thereunder. The Company is domiciled in the UK and the main country of operation is the UK.



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